04.12 till 06.12.2915 - Kingdom University & Yule Ball (England)

Buckden Towers, Cambridgeshire, England  more ›

10.01.2016 - Knightingale dealine

Deadline for the next Edition of the Knightingale Newsletter is pushed back to January Please submit reports and articles for publication before this day to: ChroniclerE-Mail:...  more ›

08.01 to 10.01.2016 -  Drachenwald 12th night Coronation (England)

he shire of Depedene under Wychwood takes great delight in welcoming one and all to Twelfth Night Coronation on the  8th-10th January 2016 in the spectacular Ingestre...  more ›

19.02 bis 21.02.2016 - Boot Camp 

Meadowmarsh Boot-Camp 2016 Reservation Stuard: Margaretha von Rückingen Sonja Christen  Heavy Marshall: Aelric of Battle Sascha Bohlender...  more ›

15.04. till 17.04.2016 - Arts in April III

Der Kanton Turmstadt, in der alteherwürdigen  Baronie Knights Crossing, lädt euch zu einem Wochenende im wonderschönen Franken mit mittelalterlichenKünsten, Handwerk und...  more ›

01.07. till 03.07.2016 - Drachenwald Midsummer Coronation

The Canton of Turmstadt in the Barony of Knights Crossing would like to enter a bid for the Midsummer Coronation 2016. The site was used many times for SCA events in the past, we as well as the...  more ›