Is your group Reenactment or LARP?

  • The SCA is not a classic live role-play, so more likely a reenactment group. However, there are also a lot of differences to most reenactment groups. The SCA is the step between role-play and reenactment and is best described as recreation (as the middle ages should have been).

What is SCA?

  • The SCA was started in 1966 in Berkeley, California by a group of science fiction and fantasy fans who wanted a theme party. Following the party, a group got together to discuss the idea of a medieval re-creation and re-enactment group (which has ended up being much like the Civil War, Revolutionary War or Buck-skinning re-enactment groups that were beginning to form in the US). In Britain, medieval and British Civil War recreation societies had existed for any number of years. The Californians incorporated as a non-profit educational society, started forming groups, and away they went.
  • Since 1966, the society has grown to include over 30,000 paying members in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Romania, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia. Many of us guess that for every dues-paying member, there are several other active participants.
  • The organisation strcture covers all active teritories and breaks them down in Kingdoms. These are further broken down into Principalities, Baronies, Shires, Catones and Stringholds.

What is Drachenwald and what is a Barony ?

  • The Kingdom of Drachenwald is a regional group within the Society for Creative Anachronism. The Kingdom of Drachenwald covers most of Europe and South Africa. Our Barony coves most parts of Germany. 

What can I do in the SCA?

  • These are many skills and crafts that can be learned through the SCA. As a newcomer, you may be overwhelmed and bewildered by the variety of things people work on, and especially by the skill of many of the people you meet. Observe others and ask questions, you do not need much to get started. Next to arts like music or Calligraphy and crafts like brewing, swing or wood work you can also practice your skills in amour combat, archery or renaissance fencing. Feel free to have a look at the pictures of our activities.